Welcome to WordShare

WordShare is the product of merging the most experienced streaming text platform, StreamText, with the most requested features by our clients. This innovative, stronger, efficient streaming text platform is now available.


Coupled with the best remote CART Captioners and Text Interpreters in the country, WordShare delivers accurate, timely and unmatched text. Take WordShare anywhere you go, a teleconference call, educational class, webinar, training session, or convention presentation. Professional staff transcribe the spoken audio at 98.5% accuracy or better and send that text back to the consumers via the internet with a 2 – 4 second delay.


A few examples of how WordShare powered by Streamtext is different

Text annotation

Consumers can annotate their event in realtime, making notes, highlighting points or simply jotting down reminders.


Transcripts can be downloaded immediately following the event - No more waiting for your file


Math characters (e.g. exponents, fractions and formulas) are displayed in realtime.

All Browser Compatibility

Wordshare supports all the latest desktop and mobile browsers.